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11 September 1985
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I'm not really sure how to describe myself or this journal or blog. I just felt like doing one the other night, don't know why...anyway whats it about? Like most Journals, it would comprise of mostly boring stuffs like "how my day went, what happened, when I did this or that, who I saw and what not" *sigh the usual boooorriiinnngg stuff (online diary)...unless you're practically a famous celeb in which everyone would want to know everything you did, maybe even your time in the toilet! LOL Cut them some slack people, they're only humans just like US..."light worker, damn over-paid, spoiled, beautifully blessed people with great plastic surgery faces with shit-load of money." And YES I'm bitter about it coz it sucks to be in the "F-LIST" or worse.

Anyhow, I'm still thankful for the kind of life I was given. It may not be perfect, glamorous or high profile. But at least I can say & do FUCKING whatever & whenever I want and no one's going to criticize me about it!

I'm no softie, grew up on tough times so I learned to stand up on my own. Girl got game! Sometimes I'm mean, sarcastic and a brat. Yes people, I'm a BITCH...what's a bitch? Lemme tell you for those who don't know...


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